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1st Transmission

Artist: Northern Machine

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Catalog No: Audiofile Tapes – aT 13A
Format: Tape
  Loud Side
A1 Fragments Translated 6:12
A2 In Evita Bleeding 3:45
A3 Slum Groove 8:08
A4 Out Of The Cab 2:47
A5 Rust Belt 3:15
A6 Contractions Of The Dirt Merchant 4:20
A7 Grind Ticket 6:50
  Quiet Side
B1 Ascending 2:18
B2 Anestesia 3:37
B3 Corridors Of Paralysis 3:30
B4 Borderland Whale Dream 6:11
B5 Cloudfield 4:52
B6 Lockup 8:15
B7 Delta Fog 8:07