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40 X 47 By Mud

Artist: Zanguts

Year: 1986
Country: United States
Label: ZH27
Catalog No: ZH27 1
Format: Tape
A 40 X 47 By MudFeaturing [Audio Sources] – CBC3, Cauchy 138, Croiners, Crow (5), David Prescott, E. Oliva, ECDM, Fenner Castner, Hal McGee, The Haters, If, Bwana, Jesoz Hopkins, John Eberly, John Hudak, Katharsis, Kazuhiro Ohtsuka, Ken Clinger, Mauro Guazzotti, Mike Jackson, Mike Stevens (4), Minóy*, Mystery Hearsay, Nick, Peter Zincken, Rudi Tuscher, Shmuzorft, Shoni-Byoto, Sismoid, Swinebolt #45*, Tuf (2), Zanstones 30:00
  • Arranged By, Mixed By – Zan Hoffman