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A Career in Dancing

Artist: Another View

Year: 1980
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Abstractions; ABS/0004 and 0009
Format: Tape
A1 Dance  
A2 Frequently Repeat  
A3 Pressure  
A4 Power Station  
A5 Sit-Com  
A6 Complete & Return  
A7 Maximum Contrast  
A8 Casablanca  
B1 She Goes To Your Heart  
B2 Throwaway  
B3 A Career In Dancing  
B4 Theme  
B5 Never Really Certain  
B6 Stuntman  
B7 Urge  
B8 Too Much Fiction  
B9 Another View  
This is actually his first tape produced and finsihed by August 1980 containing works from 1979/80.
Adrian sent this to several Labels such as Mirage, Industrial Records or even Polydor.

Martin of Mirage Tapes then released the follow-up Tape LOOK (which included als tracks from this Tape) in late 1980

The tape "A Career In Dancing" exists in several different versions and track-titles and different catalog numbers.

A3, A5, A7, A8, B2, B3 also released on "From the Silent Days"-Tape (C90, 1980)
A4 and B4 also released on "Absolute Safe"-Tape (C90, 1980)
B9 also released on "Killing Time"-Tape (C60, 1981).