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A Slight delay

Artist: Van Kaye & Ignit

Year: 1980
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Not On Label, none
Format: Tape
A1   Negroe In N.Y.
A2   Cool
A3   Schmerz
A4   Love You Generator
B1   Tonite
B2   Le Visage
B3   Glad To Be Home Again


these original tracks were recorded in 1980 at Backlash Studio by Martin v.d. Leer & Peter Graute.(uncred.)
produced by Van Kaye/Ignit / Martin & Peter. (uncred.)
Intended to be a next Backstreet/Backlash Records release which didn't occur due to circumstances.
On the cassette the "The special thanks to Martin & Peter" refers to the details above.

all cassettes have different pictures- handmade artwork 
Only 30 or so copies were released.