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A Subtle Buoyancy of Pulse

Artist: The Tape Beatles

Year: 1989
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
  The Big Broadcast
A1 The Charlie Murdock Show 1:30
A2 The Ads Become The News 0:52
A3 Listen To The Radio 2:38
A4 These Are Our Radio Voices 1:18
A5 Sing Sing Sing (Sing Sing) 2:45
A6 These Are The Real Things 0:42
A7 Scream Scream Scream 2:59
A8 Play By Their Rules 2:05
A9 Microphone Burning In Flames 2:05
A10 Really Fine Sounds 0:28
A11 Big Show 1:35
A12 Opera Lady 0:44
A13 Take My Hand 0:39
A14 Radio Plays 2:07
A15 It's Been Done 0:37
A16 Audio Logo 0:49
B1 Individual Choice 0:34
B2 Concern About 2:43
B3 I'm Lonely 0:57
B4 Guitar Filler 0:52
B5 A Hard Hand To Hold 1:00
B6 Wow, Feel The Amazing Power 1:00
B7 Recognize, Resist 1:36
B8 The Yoke Of Bondage 1:13
B9 The Salt (Xatta Xig Xinkel) 1:30
B10 I Think I'm In Heaven 0:56
B11 The Law Of Repetition 0:57
B12 The Law Of Always Being Nice 0:11
B13 Piano Filler 1:20
B14 You People Are In Great Danger 1:58
B15 You Make The Choice 1:11
B16 Urgent Rushing Around 0:34
B17 What Kind Of Problems 1:04
B18 Catbird Logo 0:28
B19 Blank Filler 4:33
B20 Good Morning Reprise 0:53
This is the original first release version with a different tracklisting / mix of the b-side. [work in progress]