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Action And Reaction Critique Of Leisure Consumption

Artist: Attrition & Audio Leter

Year: 1983
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Adventures in Reality, ARR 012
Format: Tape
  Side Seattle
A1 No Ending  
A2 Casual Nightmare  
A3 Critique Of Leisure Consumption  
A4 Bluegrass Xmass  
  Side Coventry
B1 Inside / Outside  
B2 Talkback  
B3 For The Child  
B4 The Christening  
  • Producer, Engineer – Sue Ann Harkey
"This album is the result of a collaboration between two bands seperated only by distance. The tape was recorded in Coventry and Seattle between December 1982 and March 1983. Recording was made on our respective teac 4-track portastudios, connection made via the postal system. Side Seattle was initiated by Audio Leter, side Coventry was initiated by Attrition.
There are two seperate mixes of this tape available. This version released in England by Adventures In Reality. The other released in the USA by Audio Leter."