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Aegri Somnia

Artist: J.S. Laboratories (Jittery Sphincter Laboratories)

Year: 1986
Country: United States
Catalog No: J.S. Laboratories 010
Format: Tape
A1 Time Destroyed 5:00
A2 Temporary Difficulties 0:53
A3 Street Scene 3:53
A4 The Country 5:01
A5 P H U D 5:45
A6 Warping 6:29
A7 Retraction 2:31
A8 Leaving Brains 1:41
B1 Reactor Room Sequence 3:22
B2 Innis Mode 2:42
B3 The Dead See 7:43
B4 Reflections & Recollections (Excerpt) 3:57
B5 Timescale 5:21
B6 The Walls Of Troy 3:04
B7 Operations 4:43
  • Featuring – L.D.Gregory*, T.D.Cerchie*