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Afterwards (Album)

Artist: Artery

Year: 1985
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Pleasantly Surprised, PS011
Format: Tape
A1 Untitled Soundtrack 0:37
A2 Weak Light 3:57
A3 One Afternoon In A Hot Air Balloon 3:06
A4 Interview 0:50
A5 Louise 3:08
A6 Interview 1:04
A7 Afterwards 6:07
A8 Interview 0:59
A9 The Sailor Situation (Live) 3:56
A10 So Many People 3:45
A11 A Moment's Thought 1:14
A12 A Mother's Ruin 3:16
A13 The Alabama Song 3:37
A14 Senator Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Soundtrack 0:40
B1 Interview 1:19
B2 One Afternoon In A Hot Air Balloon (Live) 4:41
B3 It's Good To Be Alone 4:35
B4 Afterwards (Live) 5:13
B5 Interview 0:39
B6 Into The Garden (Live) 7:39
B7 The Butcher's Shop 2:51
B8 Live Like The Rest 4:40
B9 Diamonds In The Mine (Live) 3:25
B10 President John F. Kennedy Assassination Soundtrack 0:56
  • Bass – David Hendrick (tracks: A9 to A13, B2 to B4, B6), Neil McKenzie (tracks: A2 to A3, A5, A7, B7 to B8), Tony Perrin (tracks: B9)
  • Drums – Garry Wilson (tracks: A2 to A3, A5, A7, A9 to A13, B2 to B4, B6 to B9)
  • Guitar – John White* (tracks: A9 to A13, B2 to B4, B6), Mick Fidler* (tracks: A2 to A3, A5, A7), Murray Fenton (tracks: B7 to B9), Simon Hinkler (tracks: B9)
  • Organ – David Hinkler (tracks: A9 to A13, B2 to B4, B6), Simon Hinkler (tracks: A2 to A3, A5, A7)
  • Piano – Simon Hinkler (tracks: A9 to A13, B2 to B4, B6)
  • Vocals – Mark Gouldthorpe (tracks: A2 to A3, A5, A7, A9 to A13, B2 to B4, B6 to B9)
From Pleasantly Surprised website:

A C75 cassette of very rare demos, live material and interviews. Handsomely presented with a 28 page booklet of rare photographs and with text by Mark Gouldthorpe. A very special and important release for the band.

A2, A3, A5 & A7 recorded at Input Studio, Sheffield, June 1981
A9 recorded live in Milan, March 1983
A10, A11 & A12 recorded in rehearsal, July 1983
A13, B2, B3, B4 & B6 recorded live, Nottingham Assylum, May 1983
B7 & B8 recorded live, Sheffield City Hall, May 1984
B9 recorded live, The Milkyway Amsterdam, February 1985