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Anal Sadist

Gender: Male
Country: United States
A solo act by William CHRISTMAN, an American performance artist and the owner of a small record label called TURBINE CASSETTES. He debuted in 1988 with a cassette release entitled Austere, which contained pieces aesthetically resembling those of MERZBOW. With the use of a computer, guitar, tape delay and tapes, he managed to create a collage work based on excerpts from movie dialogues and mosaic industrial structures. His next compositions, published on various compilations, were in a similar vein. His 1991 Japan tour alongside many prominent local artists (e.g. The GEROGERIGEGEGE, NIHILIST SURFIN’ GROUP) and the British dancer Shelley HOLLINGSWORTH turned out to be a great success. The performances consisted of extreme industrial noise forms and theatrical acts of self-mutilation and sado-masochism. The music on the next cassette, called Chaw/Shotgun Head, contained brutal and extremely noisy industrial pieces, made with a self-modified guitar and unique voice processing units. From 1994 to 1998 ANAL SADIST, AMK, The HATERS and Les SCURRY, often accompanied by Japanese artists (e.g. HIJOKAIDAN, MERZBOW, MASONNA) played numerous and successful shows. During that period he recorded some material with a view to it being released as a full length CD, but it, unfortunately, never materialised due to the project’s abrupt demise in 1998. CHRISTMAN’s frequent juxtaposition of music with para-theatrical performances was an equivalent of a dichotomy between visual and audible realities. The noise was both an embodiment of contemporary civilisation with its tendency towards rationalisation and an effect of the clash of two different planes of existence. Inspired by John  CAGE, Karlheinz STOCK HAUSEN, Edgar VARE?SE, Morton  SUBOTNICK, Fred F RITH, MER ZBOW and other Japanese noise artists, ANAL SADIST managed to come up with his own style of industrial. Despite its quantitatively unimpressive catalogue, it is considered one of the most prominent representatives of American industrial culture of the 1990s. Discography: Austere (Turbine Cassettes1989) tape Chaw / Shotgun Head (Turbine Cassettes 1993) tape V/A compilation: An Extremely Good Thing (Turbine Cassettes 199?) tape