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Anne Gillis & Devils Picnic

Gender: Male
Country: Netherlands
Description: A French painter, performance artist and composer, also known as DEVIL’S PICNIC, who debuted in 1983. Critically acclaimed, her original works combined elements of experimental post-industrial music with academic avant-garde electronic music. Owing to unconventional use of electroacoustic textures and idiosyncratic collages she was able to pro- duce multi-layered compositions conjuring up mysterious atmospheres of dreams, surrealist disintegration and indeterminable fear. Conceptual multi-media performances rather than traditional concerts, her live appearances fused music, images, para-theatrical set design or props into a whole. Since 2002 she has remained inactive artistically for unknown reasons. Discography: Aha (DMA2/Boudisque 1984) LP Lxgrin ((CRI)2 1984) LP Monetachek (Rangehen 1985) LP Bishe?rigori (Rangehen 1986) LP Rementact (Rangehen 1989) CD split with CON-DOM (Sounds For Consciousness Rape 1993) tape Euragine (Sounds For Consciousness Rape 1994) CD collaboration with G.X. JUPITTER-LARSEN Encored Dust (Noisopoly 2000) 7” EP