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Are You The One Thats Getting Fucked

Artist: Pandemonium

Year: 1986
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 Amok  
A2 Computerplay  
A3 Clones  
A4 Paid Off  
A5 Religionkrieg  
A6 Mit Schwarzer Fahne  
A7 Demonstrate  
A8 Conned Again  
A9 Nothing To Worry  
A10 For Sale  
A11 Between The Lines  
A12 No More Talk  
A13 Full Prove  
A14 U.N.Real  
A15 Kill  
A16 Bad Dream  
A17 No Place For Me  
A18 Zionshit  
A19 Wir Fahren Gegen Nazi's  
B1 Opposition  
B2 The Rotten Top  
B3 Obvious From The Start  
B4 Victim Of Age  
B5 T.V. Activity  
B6 No Reaction  
B7 Pay For Shit  
B8 Rip Off  
B9 Feelings Won't Change  
B10 Zuviel  
B11 Stress  
B12 Computerplay  
Recorded live Oct 5th 1985 and June 26th 1986 in Venlo, Netherlands.
Complete titles reads: "Are You The One That's Getting Fucked.... Or Are You The One That's Doing The Fucking ?
Or What.."
Original cassette version of later released LP.

Cover is double-sided fold out. Cassette is rubber stamped on each side.