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Atomic Roses

Artist: Legendary Pink Dots

Year: 1983
Country: France
Catalog No: Illusion Production, IP 009
Format: Tape
A1 Of All The Girls... 2:06
A2 What's Next? 2:50
A3 Playschool 1:21
A4 Sex 3:03
A5 Closet Kings 2:22
A6 Spiritus 6:13
B1 Hauptbahnhof 4:24
B2 The Wrong Impedence 5:03
B3 Passing Thought 0:26
B4 Atomic Roses #1 4:25
B5 Ideal Home 3:39
B6 Atomic Roses #2 2:46
  • Composed By, Arranged By – The Legendary Pink Döts*
  • Cover, Artwork [Drawings] – Illusion Production
Limited edition of 600 copies. Packaged in a 7" single sleeve with a booklet of drawings.

Versions do exist with noticeable differences to the known cassette release:

01. The tape has a handwritten "A" on the a-side; a bit of paper is included with, in handwriting, "Cassette 60 / IP 009" on it.
02. The booklet is much thinner and contains only six drawings, front/title drawing included.
03. The credits on the back of the booklet have a frame drawn around them, this is not the case on the final version.
04. The track list on the back of the booklet contains typos that do not appear on the final cassette:

A - side track 1 reads "Of All The Girls" - this became "Of All The Girls..."
A - side track 3 reads "Play School" - this became "Playschool"
A - side track 5 reads "Closet King" - this became "Closet Kings"
B - side track 1 reads "Haupt Bahnohf" - this became "Haupt Bahnhof"
B - side track 2 reads "Wrong Impedence" - this became "The Wrong Impedence"

Photos of these differences have been posted next to the existing images. The edition with typos and the other differences is possibly an early (test) version to make sure all was correct before the final 600 copies were made.