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Bad Taste In My Mouth

Artist: DK

Year: 1984
Country: Canada
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A Love Knocks Hard  
A1 I Don't Remember  
A2 Don't Expect No Answers  
A3 Early Stages of Anxiety  
A4 I Want You  
A5 Sad Song  
A6 The Reasons  
A7 Get Up and Dance  
A8 Enduring  
A9 The Later Stages of Anxiety  
A10 Dishonesty Is the Best Policy  
A11 Christian Management  
A12 This Sound Is Cracking Me Up  
B A Season In Hell  
B1 Ten Years From the Nearest Friend  
B2 The Little Birdies are Driving Me Crazy  
B3 Someone I Know  
B4 Acting Up  
B5 ...Hardly Anyone  
B6 None of Them Are Mine  
B7 What Is This Garbage  
B8 Sadness  
B9 Truth  
B10 Hope  
B11 Rest

on Side A songs 3-9 are a sweet suite called ‘don’t feel guilty for self-pity’

song 11 is dedicated to the discomforted

all sounds are manipulated and reproduction by any means is strictly encouraged—DK

all of this has been made possible through remarkable forms of self abuse

DK – Toronto, Ontario, Canada