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Berliner Vertriebsbund

Years running:
Country: Germany
Description: The Berliner Vertriebsbund (short BVB) was run by Graf Haufen for the purpose of distributing tapes and networking from various West-Berlin tape labels. A tape catalog of participating labels and bands (Graf Haufen Tapes, Das Cassettencombinat, Kompakt Produkte, 007 Tapes, Jarmusic, Kratzer, Schuldige Scheitel Tapes, Der Scheissladen, Thomas Girke, Level (7), Idee AG, Stechapfel Produktion, Cinéma Vérité, Flux (19), Demian (5)) was released (see pictures section of this entry) in March 1983. The project didn't take off, so it was laid to rest in 1984 already.