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Blowhole / Big Joey

Artist: Blowhole / Big Joey

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 –Blowhole Peg Leg  
A2 –Blowhole Stutter  
A3 –Blowhole Twose  
A4 –Blowhole Argle  
A5 –Blowhole Spit Valve  
A6 –Blowhole Dweebs  
A7 –Blowhole Nemith  
A8 –Blowhole Einstein  
B1 –Big Joey Just So Happens  
B2 –Big Joey Introit: Very Droll  
B3 –Big Joey Paco Is My Co-Pilot  
B4 –Big Joey Greez  
B5 –Big Joey Melarmonics  
B6 –Big Joey Ayler's Choce: Camelwalk  
B7 –Big Joey Z-Trad, That's What  
B8 –Big Joey Me & My Monkey  
Blowhole Side: Recorded at One Big Studio, August 1987, except Deewbs, recorded at the house of Death. And Einstein, recorded at the Mud palace Summer, 1984.
Big Joey Side: Recorded at Blue Slug, Summer 1988, except Introit/very Droll, Paco is My Co-Pilot and Greez, recorded at the Annex 3/13/88 by Paco de Dunce.