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Boule (Vien Ici)

Artist: Pt么se Production

Year: 1981
Country: France
Catalog No: Pt么se Production Pr茅sente K 001
Format: Tape
C30, limited 50, reissue of the 10"
A1 Boule 1
A2 Zoo In Budapest
A3 Boule 2 (Electrique)
A4 Pretty Chickens
A5 Ping-Pong !
A6 Boule 3
B1 Arabian Flamenco
B2 Smelly Tongues
B3 Tic Toc
B4 Boule 4 (Live In Noel 79)
"Nouvelle édition cassette du mini LP 'Boule', D 001. Limitee a 50 exemplaires" 1980 1981.
Numbered edition. Track listing is a little different than the mini LP D001. Includes 2 inserts, cover pic glued on the jewel case.
First cassette release by Ptose. All tracks recorded with two cassette recorders and dubbed through microphones. No synthesizers were used only one electronic organ and some acoustic instruments.
Boule 'live' was recorded for and sent to The Residents as a christmas present in december 1979.