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Artist: Dega-Ray

Year: 1984
Country: United States
Catalog No:
Format: Tape
Clasp / Click
Music Studio "A" 1984?
San Francisco, USA
C24 (one side of a 60-minute cassette)
1. Reflex
2. Settling Down
3. Touch
4. Video Dream
5. Tribal Confrontation
6. Render

Listen/download here:

CLASP/CLICK is a six-track K7 of quirky, "Cabaret Rock" by San Francisco musicians Ramey Owen and Degan Julty. They have worked for the last four years playing in clubs from Ohio to New York City to San Francisco crafting a sound that is in their own words, "Rock Poetry with lyrics and music that speak, sing, and move with both Art and electric popular flair". Their style has a strong affinity for performance art and in fact, films, slides, and movement are incorporated in their live performances. Ramey is one of the most unique vocal stylists we have heard, not a voice or approach that one easily forgets and Degan weaves absorbing minimal backdrops for her witty declamations and declarations. Dega-Ray speaks and sings of current issues, modern moods and future possibilities.
- January 1985 Cause And Effect Cassette Distribution Catalog