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Collage 5

Artist: Various

Year: 1986
Country: Germany
Label: Jarmusic
Catalog No: Jar Music
Format: Tape
 01.Hold Me Down (Timothy London & The Soho Sisters)
02.Paper Cross (Sinister Cleaners)
03.Idiot Dance (Mystery Plane)
04.Exit The Fear (Webcore)
05.Blood Like Water (Newell Martin)
06.She Cannot Yet Be Seen (The Modern Art)
07.My Heroin (Marty Day)
08.Moscow Idaho (Cassandra Complex)
B Seite
09.Albion's Daughter (Cleaners From Venus)
10.One More Chance (Strength)
11.My Dreams In Your Hand (Another Green)
12.Oh Jane (Strange History)
13.El Lamente Sun (SMB)
14.Strange Days (Tremor Sense)
15.O.T. (The Guild)
16.Flying The Cloud (Spheric Corner)
17.O.T. (Lila 16)
18.In The Woods (Rimarimba)