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Container T1-T12

Artist: Conrad Schnitzler

Year: 1983
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Transmitter Cassetten; TC 93/94/95/96/97/98
Format: Tape
1A T1  
1B T2  
2A T3  
2B T4  
3A T5  
3B T6  
4A T7  
4B T8  
5A T9  
5B T10  
6A T11  
6B T12  
Reissue of a private edition from 1982.

6 x 90 minutes cassettes

Details taken from a private Schnitzler list : Container T1 (1971-1972)
Container T2 (1972-1979)
Container T3 (7.7.1977)
Container T4 (15.5.1979)
Container T5 (8.8.1980)
Container T6 (10.1.1980)
Container T7 (20.2.1981)
Container T8 (20.2.1982)
Container T9 (3.3.1983)
Container T10 (11.11.1982)
Container T11 (12.12.1982)
Container T12 (7.7.1982)