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Gender: Male
Country: Australia
Description: An American eclectic band, stylistically ranging from avant-garde of industrial rock, through experimental electronics and punk to new wave and pop music. It was started in 1979 by Perry WEBB and Jim CRAINE, who were later joined by Dan WORKMAN. In 1981 they were briefly aided by Bill LONER. In 1982 CRAINE and LONER left, their position to be filled by Ralf ARMIN. The band gained recognition for their fervent live perfor- mances, which relied on spontaneously prepared, stylistically unbound material. Their sound-making devices included guitars, drum machine, analog synthesizer and tape loops with pre-prepared sound collages. These were complemented with WEBB’s neurotic vocals delivering sarcastic lyrics dealing with manipulation, the desctructive impact of pop culture, fads and social hypocrisy. In 1990, the band went into a three-year-long hiatus and later returned with even more sophisticated compositions, which, howe- ver, did not gain much artistic success, though. Nevertheless, CULTURCIDE has reached a cult status and recognition for their uncompromising and consistent approach to music, an important source of inspiration for many, particularly American, industrial/noise artists. Discography: Consider Museums As Concentration Camps/Another Miracle (Information Records 1980) 7” EP split with HIROSHIMA CHAIR Reset (Dogfood Production System 1981) LP Year One (C.I.A. Records 1982) LP Tacky Souvenirs Of Pre-Revolutionary America (Culturcide 1986) LP