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Dance - K-Sept Für Fans #1 (1984-1991)

Artist: Trespassers W

Year: 1991
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: TW (Trespassers W); TW1013
Format: Tape
A1 Mix 1  
A2 Mix 2  
A3 Mix 3  
A4 Mix 4  
A5 Mix 5  
A6 Mix 6  
A7 Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien  
A8 Neverland  
A9 Coventry  
A10 Intro  
A11 Spit And Sawdust  
A12 Mix 12  
A13 John Beast Kicking TW Off The Stage  
A14 Mix 14  
A15 Mr. Verdoux  
A16 Le Diable Est Anglaise  
B1 Supplied By Clive  
B2 Pine In The Wood  
B3 The Man  
B4 Biedermaier's Monsters  
B5 White War  
B6 Nightmare With Extended Neck  
B7 Mix 7  
B8 Where's The Pussy?  
B9 Genius (Venus)  
B10 Tari Tara / Macht Kaputt  
B11 Trois Poemes D'Amour  
B12 Icare / Eagle  
B13 Trees Won't Live Forever  
B14 Monkey On Your Back  
  • Compiled By – Cor Gout
  • Engineer – Peter Bos
Most of the tracks are mixes from different live-recordings.