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Deep Peace

Artist: Frank Perry

Year: 1981
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Quartz Publications, !QUARTZ 007
Format: Tape

Companies, etc.


  • Artwork [Cover Design]David Toop
  • Bells [400 Year Old Zen Buddhist Densho Bells, Ming Dynasty Chinese Temple Bell, Japanese And Chinese Bell Trees, Tibetan Bells, Indian Bells, Swiss Cowbells, Japanese Resting Bells, Japanese And Chinese Bells], Gong [Various Kyeezees (Burmese Meditation Gongs) None Less Than 50 Years Old, Chinese Buddha Gongs, Chinese Gongs, Paiste Orchestral Tuned Gongs, Paiste Sound-plates And Sound-discs (Tuned And Untuned), Untuned Sound Discs], Singing Bowls [Burmese Chime Bowls], Percussion [Glass Bowls And Glasses, Home-made Petal-discs (Made From The Paiste Sound-disc Material)], Cymbal [Tibetan Invocation Cymbals And Meditation Cymbals], Composed By, Producer, Artwork [Cover Design, Front Cover Manadala Painting], Liner NotesFrank Perry
  • EngineerTony Andrews, Tony Spath
  • Liner NotesRobert Fripp
  • Photography By [Back Cover]Jak Kilby


The production of the music on this album involves no electronics whatsoever.
Apart from where obvious (i.e. accurately timed gong strikes on Side 1) all the
music is completely improvised (as also inspired and spontaneous).

The title for this record is taken from an old Gaelic Prayer which is
reproduced here in its entirety:

deep peace of the running wave to you
deep peace of the flowing air to you
deep peace of the quiet earth to you
deep peace of the shining stars to you
deep peace of the son of peace to you

To the Holy One; the One Great INITIATOR, without Whose help none of this
music could be made, all praise and thanksgiving. May the Light of the
Spiritual Sun shine within the Hearts of All. May the Great White Spirit
bless All.

Album includes pamphlet insert with extensive notes.

Recorded at Ridge Farm Studios, Surrey on 24 track - September 1st to 3rd/ October 4th to 6th, 1980.