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Deficit Des Annes Anterieures (D.D.A.A.)

Alias: DDAA
Gender: Male
Country: United States
Ususally as DDAA. One of the most significant groups of the music avant- garde, started in 1978 by three students of French art schools: Jean- Philippe FEE, Sylvie MARTINEAU and Jean-Luc ANDRE? (b. 1955). Their highly acclaimed, original works referred to the trance qualities of folk rites, free jazz, psychedelia and the industrial avant-garde of rock music. Made with the use of acoustic instruments, e.g. the guitar, piano, drums, violin, and analogue synthesizer, they featured unconventional rhythms and a chaotic structure, enriched by spontaneous vehemence, all within a deliberately primitive infantile context. The band drew inspiration from various exotic, in some cases even extinct, cultures, yet mostly the Japanese and African ones. In the early 1990s, they turned to experimentalism, which evinced itself mostly in the more frequent use of pre-recorded tapes with electro- nic collages and multi-layered vocals. Their releases usually came out in low runs with hand-made packaging on their own ILLUSION PRODUCTION label. The enigmatic name, both an anagram of the avant-garde DADA movement and the abbreviation for DE?FICIT DES ANNEES ANTE?RIEURES, French for ”the previous year’s deficit”, sums up the non-musical ideology of the group, concerned with the detrimental quality of civilisation’s pro- gress, which damages the primal and unique relationship between man- kind and nature. Through their fascination with ethnic music, its ecstatic qualities and lack of stylistic restraint, and with the industrial culture con- cepts denouncing mankind’s achievements and development, the group achieved an attractive stylistic fusion, which became a point of ideologi- cal and aesthetic reference for a large number of artists associated with industrial culture
Discography: Miss Vandann (Illusion Production 1979) 7” EP Bacterial Voice Epidemia / E.B.V. (Illusion Production 1980) 7” EP Aventures En Afrique (Illusion Production 1980) 7” EP De?ficit Des Anne?es Ante?rieures (Illusion Production 1980) tape Front De L’Est (Illusion Production 1980) 2 x 7” EP Live In Acapulco (Illusion Production 1981) 2 x tape Action And Japanese Demonstration (Illusion Production 1982) LP Prehistoric Rejet (Illusion Production 1983) tape Les Ambulants (Illusion Production 1984) LP 5eme Anniversaire (Illusion Production 1984) 7” EP La Famille Des Saltimbanques (ADN 1984) tape Lernen 5 (Illusion Production 1985) tape En Concert (Illusion Production 1986) tape Jets Over Kashmina (Illusion Production 1986?) 7” EP Objet (Illusion Production 1987) LP Pour Une E?tude De Sonorisation Par Le Sol (Illusion Production 1988) VHS Ronsard (KK Records 1988) CD as DEUX PINGOUINS (collaboration Jean-Philippe FEE/Sylvie MARTINEAU) Animal-Mal (ADN 1988) tape Ronsard 1524 - 1585 (Illusion Production 1988) tape Poems On Ronsard (KK Records 1988) CD Otez Votre Jeunesse (KK Records 1988) 7” EP When A Cap Is Raising (Big Noise In Archgate 1988) 10” EP Le Corbusier Buildings (Electrip 1990) 7” EP split with H.N.A.S. (Electrip 1990) 7” EP