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Ecstacy Under Duress

Artist: Test Department

Year: 1984
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Pleasantly Surprised, PS005.1
Format: Tape
A1 Hunger  
A2 Compulsion  
A3 In Uniform  
A4 Slow Hunger  
A5 Spring Into Action  
B1 Gdansk  
B2 Shockwork  
B3 Efficiency  
B4 On Pain  
B5 Beating Retreat  
First edition limited to 1000 stamp-numbered copies, released in a screen-printed hessian bag, with various inserts:
- cassette case sized printed blue photo
- postcard sized photocopy with rubberstamped edition number and general info
- offset printed cover card for the tape
- offset printed statement
- four offset printed artworks/photos in postcard size or slightly bigger
- folded A4 sized offset page ad for their "Program and progress" VHS release (not in all copies)

Recorded Live 1982-1983 at:
Britannia Row - Heaven
Henry Wood Hall / Glasgow
Retford Porterhouse
BatCave / Soho - Arch 69 Waterloo
Temperance Hall / Newbury

The sound of the drum drives out thought. For that reason it is the most military of instruments.