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Elements Of Depravity Vol. 1

Artist: Anus Presley

Year: 1988
Country: Denmark
Catalog No: SHK Productions
Format: Tape
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From an old Anus Presley add: "EOD is a collection of accumulated Anus Presley works and pieces, a MUST for anyone determined to keep their AP collection complete: The first volume includes the very special Mutant XXX-Mas Party cassettes especially designed for the christmas celebrations of 1989 and 1990 (ordinarily two C20 lectures on How To Kill Santa Claus And How To Party Afterwards. Christmas has never been the same since.) The Tape also includes our 15 min. contribution "Eavesdropping" to Tears Compilations, France. Plus the contributions to Disgruntled Employees Spoken Word Compilation Vol:1."