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Enkele Gemotiveerde Produktiemedewerkers

Artist: Various

Year: 1990
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Midas Music T09
Format: Tape
Released with 2 different covers and limited to 150 copies.
A1 –Smersh Pini Pini
A2 –Dva Met Dva Nichts* My Hatedream Of Boyd Rice
A3 –Mailcop Geen Titel
A4 –Lieutenant Caramel Expectation 1986
A5 –Achim Wollscheid Thoughts About Symmetry - These Days
A6 –Arcane Device Diabolis Ex Machina (Part 9)
A7 –Hands To Charik
A8 –THU20 Tweede Uni
A9 –Dva Met Dva Nichts* & Post Destruction Music Treffer Excerpt 2&3
A10 –Null* Metaktion
A11 –Dwarf Farm 3 Sounds 3 Octaves
B1 –Merzbow Libido/Economy
B2 –Arcane Device Diabolis Ex Machina (Part 12)
B3 –IOSS* 231
B4 –Winter (5) *
B5 –Kapotte Muziek 2TIL
B6 –Gregory Whitehead The Respirator
B7 –Dva Met Dva Nichts* & Emil Beaulieau DvaBeau 1
B8 –Mission Papua Holland Hell On Wheels
B9 –Yeast Culture The Midas Speaker