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Enrico Piva

Alias: Amok, Edo, Fehler a, L'Oeil à Poils, Locus Solus, M.Antipyrine, Ready-Made, Sokol Movement, Unit 06
Gender: Male
Country: Italy
Enrico Piva was born in 1956 in Rezzato, Brescia, Italy. He began releasing tapes using the pseudonym “Amok” and later went under several other pseudonyms: Edo, Fehler A, L'Oeil à Poils, Locus Solus, M.Antipyrine, Ready-Made and Unit 06, which was his name on the TRAXTRA compilation produced by the mail-art network TRAX. As he was rather a shy person Piva never performed live, but he was one of the most notable figures in Italian independent music of the eighties. Piva's productions contained elements of musique concrète, conceptual music, field recording, minimal electronic music and post-industrial noise. He released 20 audio cassettes for various Italian and international labels between 1981 and 1990. Piva also produced drawings, lithographs, research photography (scotography) and video, as well as literary texts. Piva's last correspondence from 1991 was signed with the name Heinrich Dudelsack, a German version of Enrico Piva. He committed suicide in 2002.