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Evil Throbbing Buzz

Artist: Greg Horn

Year: 1990
Country: United States
Catalog No: self-released
Format: Tape
A1 Twin Evil Gods  
A2 The Spirit House  
A3 Offbeat Little Universe  
A4 Darbouka  
A5 Pop Test  
A6 Burundi Drone  
A7 The Rhythm Pounder  
A8 Contradictions  
A9 Time Runs Backwards  
B1 Demons At Rest  
B2 Life Remains Quiet  
B3 Another Grey Slab  
B4 Silent Man  
B5 Instant Happy Party  
B6 Poet Object Of Bliss  
B7 Dramatic Sprinkler  
B8 Dig His Trip  
B9 The Dream State