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Exercises in Style

Artist: Bright too late

Year: 1983
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 Greylight  
A2 Same Size Man  
A3 The Painted Bird  
A4 An Unexpected Interjection Pts One And Two  
A5 Siren  
A6 Evening Air  
A7 Consequences  
A8 Torch Songs  
A9 Quirkment  
B1 Singing Ink (Wings Wild In Blue)  
B2 Retrograde Till Moontide  
B3 Exoskeleton  
B4 Tread Softly Through Raintrip Tundra (Pts One And Two)  
B5 The Hospital Hurts The Girl  
B6 Tyran Rex  
B7 Raintrip Tundra Reprise  
  • Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Voice, Percussion – David Mattingly
  • Keyboards, Voice – Erik Baade, Roberta Eklund
  • Percussion – Rick Karcasheff
  • Violin, Voice – Jane Anfinson