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Eyesore: A Stab At The Residents

Artist: Various

Year: 1996
Country: United States
Catalog No: Vaccination Reocrds
Format: Tape
Spezification: andvanced Promo to CD-Release
–Only A Mother Mahogany Wood 3:11
–Unknown Artist Untitled 0:09
–Idiot Flesh Bach Is Dead 1:46
–Heavy Vegetable Time's Up 2:46
–Frank Pahl Everyone Comes To The Freak Show 0:25
–Borgia Popes Constantinople 2:04
–UBZUB What Could The Matter Be? 0:19
–Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 The Electrocutioner 3:24
–Mooseheart Faith Firefly / Vinegar 2:41
–Splatter Trio Six Things To A Cycle Part 1 (Chew Chew Gum) 0:38
–Amy Denio Act Of Being Polite 3:52
–UBZUB N-ER-GEE (Crisis Blues) 0:45
–Utotem* Sinister Exaggerator 3:38
–Greg Roe H.E.L.L. No! 0:24
–Giant Ant Farm Eva's Warning 4:12
–Charming Hostess Won't You Keep Us Working? 2:35
–Richie West & Bomb Factory (2) Voices Of The Air 2:01
–Silica Gel Shut Up! Shut Up! 1:09
–Mommyheads* Moisture 1:58
–Supercollider Walrus Hunt 2:05
–UBZUB Lord It's Lonely 0:33
–Snakefinger Smelly Tongues 2:23
–Fibulator You Yesyesyes 2:01
–Dramagold You Yesyesyes Again 1:47
–Shakin Ray Levis Red Rider 1:39
–Poxy Boggards Santa Dog 1:34
–Splatter Trio Six Things To A Cycle Part 2 (Good Good Coffee) 0:45
–Big Butter Their Early Years 1:12
–Cracker Blue Rosebuds 2:54
–Pink Floyd The Barber Boo Who? 2:49
–Non Credo Nice Skinny Sinister Old Man 2:40
–Lungpigs No One Laughs When They Leave 0:56
–Eskimo (9) Happy Home 4:29
–Primus Hello Skinny / Constantinople 4:46
–Stan Ridgway & J.E.D. (2) Excuse / The Booker Tease 1:08
–Greg Roe Gingerbread Man 0:07
–The Residents Benny The Bouncing Bump (Live) 4:09
–Unknown Artist Untitled 0:06