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FâLX çèrêbRi

Gender: Male
Country: United States
Description: A major solo project (1983-1985) by Karsten RODEMANN (b. 1965), a German composer, neoist, performer, mail-art artist, writer, also com- mitted to popularising industrial culture, who is also known as GRAF HAUFEN and T.O.L.L. He started out in 1980 under the VORPROGRAMMIERTE ZWANGSNEUROSE, only to rebrand himself GELA?NDETERROR, KNUSPER KNACK and POTENZSTO?RUNG ‘81. Along with Theo RETISH (aka CHRISTIAN RU?HLICKE) he initiated one-off groups INDIVIDUALTERRORISTEN and DIE RATTEN, while with Matthias PRAHLHANS he launched the PA?DAGOGISCHE HOCHSCHULE group. From 1981 to 1985 he ran a cassette imprint GRAF HAUFEN TAPES, with its ad-hoc sublabels INDIVIDUALE UNTERENTWICKELTE URWALDPRODUKTION and SCHREI RECORDS. On its termination he set up another one, ARTCORE EDITIONS, now focusing on publishing books, maga- zines and music in a conceptual manner, mostly ritual postindustrial and ambient varieties of industrial music. In his composing process he applied a variety of antimusical techniques of using synthesizers, multi-effect units and human voice. He also prepared tape collages of ambient sounds com- plemented with excerpts from radio plays or films recorded from radio or television. His live performances assumed a form of para-theatrical shows, as they combined elements of performance art and body art. Since early 1990s he has been active in the field of independent cinema, primarily its production and distribution. Discography: as GELA?NDETERROR Gela?ndeterror (Graf Haufen Tapes 1981) tape as INDIVIDUALTERRORISTEN (collaboration with Christian RU?HLICKE) Alles Scheiße/Heute (Live) (Individuale Unterentwickelte Urwaldproduktion 1981) tape as INDIVIDUALTERRORISTEN (collaboration with Christian RU?HLICKE) split with STAHL-PUNX (Individuale Unterentwickelte Urwaldproduktion 1981) tape as POTENZSTO?RUNG ‘81 Griechenland Ruft! (Graf Haufen Tapes 1981) tape as POTENZSTO?RUNG ‘81 Lust Package (Graf Haufen Tapes 1981) tape as T.O.L.L. Die Einwegcassette (Graf Haufen Tapes 1982) tape Pyogenic Organism (Graf Haufen Tapes 1983) tape as GRAF HAUFEN Ein Mann Ra?umt Auf!!! (Graf Haufen Tapes 1983) 2 x tape Rite 64 (Graf Haufen Tapes 1984) tape as T.O.L.L. Werk I (Graf Haufen Tapes 1984) tape Antimuzick (Artcore Editions 1985) 7” EP FAMILY BATTLE SNAKE