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Finance And Ideology

Artist: Chris Block 's Illusion Of Safety

Year: 1989
Country: France
Catalog No: S.J. Organisation
Format: Tape
A Finance  
B Ideology  
  • Featuring – D. Klein (2), Dan Burke, James Johnson, Jenny Rowe, Jim O'Rourke, Mark Sorensen, Mitch Enderle, Thymme Jones
  • Performer, Recorded By, Sampler – Chris Block
All material conceived, sampled, executed and recorded by Chris Block.
Featuring minor additional imput by others.
Featuring the unauthorized presence of Frank Sinatra, Trondant Shamen, Led Zeppelin, Bob Filton, Aerosmith, Timothy Leary, Prince, Bernhard Herrmann, Madonna, Print Expo'85, The New Sensations, Laibach, Falco, King Crimson, Dagoth, Holly Rosati and Larry Shriner.