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Food for Animals

Artist: Les 3 Phallus

Year: 0
Country: France
Catalog No: Réseau Phallus 3, RP 001
Format: Tape
Spezification: first ed.


A1 Vibrations Asexuées  
A2 Sang Crime Mille Morts  
A3 Suicide Par Le Gaz  
A4 Animal Scream  
B1 Enucléation Du Locus Niger  
B2 The XX Century / The Century Of The Industry  
B3 A White Depress On My Mind  
B4 Amour Fou Entre Un Phallus Et Un Oeil  
B5 Marteau Frappeur  


First release in a crumbly translucent plastic bag with statement by the band on blue paper. The cover consists of a card from a cum shot card game and two translucent inserts with the tracklisting for side A and side B.

Later re-issued with a photocopied red cover and slightly re-named "Food For Animals".