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Foreign Insight

Artist: Aaron Winsor

Year: 0
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
Aaron Winsor
Foreign Insight/Musique Concrete
Aberrant Accusations
Horse Latitudes *
Tears in Rain
M'Banga (Days)
The Magic Bird
The Litany Against Fear
Poetry **
Voice on Litany Uschi Hoenig
Computer sounds broadcast by S.F.S.U.
* Written by Jim Morrison/The Doors
** Read by Charkes Shear/Flute Tim Weisburg
I used television and radio signals as my main source of sound for this project. I alos used some recorded stuff as well. Too many sounds to list. Everything is used without permission. This recording was made in my living room, please write if you have any questions.
Dolby if you wish.
No 93 Saturn, S.F., CA 94114