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Für Ilse Koch

Artist: Various

Year: 1982
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Come Organisation, WDC 881021
Format: Vinyl Lp
Spezification: red vinyl



Red vinyl edition, also released on black vinyl. Supposedly there are only 100 copies on red according to contributer Club Moral and the book "Birth - Death - Whitehouse companion".

Front sleeve note: 'Come Organisation Present Für Ilse Koch'
(annotation: Ilse Koch was the wife of Karl Otto Koch, SS chief commander of the concentration camp Buchenwald.)

A1 is from an un-named japanese military record.
A4 features the voice of Aleister Crowley and some uncredited spinet music in the background.
A5 title of the Nurse With Wound track, "Fashioned To A Device Behind A Tree", is a collaged phrase heard on the LP Orchid Spangiafora - Flee Past's Ape Elf. The haunting voice samples "Nein Papa, ich will nicht Papa" were taken from Kollektiv Rote Rübe & Ton Steine Scherben - Paranoia (uncredited).
A6 is listed the wrong way: Artist "Lebensraum", title "Consumer Electronics".
B1 is music from Maurizio Bianchi mixed with other uncredited sounds.
B2 is a collage of Charles Manson singing, as well as The Manson Family and uncredited music in the background.
B4 is credited to Wiking DDV, but is infact Club Moral with their live track "Oorlog (Autonomia)", taken from Club Moral - Mit Neuen Waffen.
B7 is a collage of Heinrich Himmler speaking, some uncredited synth and percussion accompanying an undisclosed nazi military song.
The record ends with some uncredited synth sequence that runs into the end groove.