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Global Warming

Artist: Dim Wit Spirit Chuckers / EHI

Year: 1994
Country: United States
Catalog No: F.D.R. Tapes 004
Format: Tape
Split tape, with the Canadian group Dim Wit Spirit Chuckers on the first side and Brain Noring's E H I on the second side.

Dim Wit Spirit Chuckers / E H I (split tape)
Global Warming

F.D.R. Tapes
No. Four
Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Side Dim Wit
1. Save My Dog
2. Test/We're A Bunch Of Dumb Hicks Anyway
3. Bear Maulin; Flower Pickin' Hoedown

Side E H I
1. while the boy slept *
2. oasis
3. the four stages of sleep
4. sudden presence
5. rain dance (uncut)
6. no goodways to say goodbye

Dim Wit Spirit Chuckers:
Julian - Bass, Drill
Greg - Guitar On #2&3
Cliff - Keyboard, Alto Sax, Percussion, Power Tools, Alto Sax
Darrin - Guitar & Wood On #1

Kevin Paisley, Acton Ontario, Canada

* "while the boy slept" - poem "Death Of An Idiot" - Charles Bukowski, R.I.P.

Brian Noring: Keyboards, Programming, Samples, Tapes, and Vocals

recorded October 1994 except "rain dance" recorded June 1994, remixed Oct. 94

About Global Warming Brian Noring wrote:

I actually got the idea to do a compilation tape around this time, but after hearing my first (and only) contribution from my Canadian mail friend Kevin Paisley's short lived group Dim Wit Spirit Chuckers I decided to expand this into a full fledged split tape. Their side of the tape is gnarly lo-fi improv jazz rock, and while they recorded at least one other release, this is the outfit in their short lived prime. The most known piece on my / EHI's side of the tape is "While The Boy Slept" which take's Charles Bukowski's poem "Death of an Idiot" and adds music and tape manipulations to the already disturbing piece. The piece "The Four Stages of Sleep" shows my interests in what I would call building pieces which add more and more layers to the mix until it barely resembles the way it started. This tape also shows my early interests in tape manipulation in which I would slow down and speed up pieces by pushing the buttons on my old trustworthy Casio Karaoke Machine (I still have it). "Sudden Presence" is just strange, and sounds a bit like some of The Earwigs material with the presence of the Casio Rapman keyboard. "Rain Dance" is an early solo piece from the 360 Sound sessions that I didn't feel received a fair hearing at the time.