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Goonz - You Wanna Hug Widdat?

Artist: Hal McGee & NoMuziz

Year: 1997
Country: United States
Catalog No: Audiofile Tapes, AT212
Format: Tape
A1 Speaking When Spoken To  
A2 Free Looks At The Hell Pit  
A3 When In Brooklyn, Accept Defeat  
A4 Sex And Death At The Age Forty - Sumfin'  
B1 You Wanna Hug Widdat?  
B2 Get Yr Teeth Offa My Ass! (Ode To Attitude)  
Punks always think indie people are pushovers. Like you tell'em DIE, they're supposed to say, how fast? But it don't work like that. Indie people are tough. They've been hardened by outright BASTARDS who yhink there's no punishment for creating Unauthorized Duplicates of independently released cassettes like this one. Well, take heed. Indie musicians are organized. We got gangs too. Well beat your righteous indie-pain-dance back into ya1