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Grey Wolves

Alias: The Grey Wolves
Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Description: A legendary English group, and one of the forefathers of the power elec- tronics genre. Its initiators were two childhood friends: David ”DAP/ CRYSTAL KNIGHT” PADBURY (also known from his solo project NAILS OV CHRIST) and Trevor WARD (aka TACTICAL AID GROUP). Inspired by industrial culture, punk rock (especially CRASS), the works of Aleister CROWLEY and the Marquis De SADE, as well as by biographies of serial killers, they started out in 1982 as an independent cassette label called ANAL PROBE. In the mid 1980s it morphed into two separate entities: PADBURY’s ARTAMAN TAPES (later renamed SOL NIGER) and ZEAL SS run by Trevor WARD, renamed ZEAL OF ENGLAND, DEATH’S HEAD UNIT, ATROCITY NETWORK, STRENGTH THROUGH AWARENESS BRANCH, NEW STRENGTH, LEBENSBORN, TRANSFORMER, INDUSTRIAL HERITAGE), only to be eventu- ally called OPEN WOUND. As a musical project, however, they debuted in 1993, assuming the OPERA FOR INFANTRY moniker, which they dropped two years later for The GREY WOLVES, a deliberate reference to a Turkish nationalist terrorist organisation. Soon they became devout anticultural activists (they even label themselves ”CULTURAL TERRORISTS”), having launched an anonymous and non-hierarchical multimedia association DEATH PACT INTERNATIONAL. Under its umbrella they have issued nume- rous manifestoes, become engaged in video art mail, organised regular painting and photography exhibitions (in unconventional venues, e.g. public toilets) and a great deal of music events. Through these vehicles they have been carrying out an undeviating and uncompromising attack on the cultural foundations of contemporary Western society, aiming at its hypocrisy and vain consumerism. At the opposite pole they place an individual, fully autonomous and devoid of any cultural habits, cynical, nihilistic, capable of inflicting pain and constantly competitive, as well as atheistic and racially pure. Thus, they have expressed racist and natio- nalistic views, which naturally were met with strong objection from the public and authorities (disrupted concerts, police arrests). Also, in their glorification of unfettered freedom, based primarily on instinct and primal desires rather than law codes and democracy, of which contemporary man is deprived, they have used biographies of serial killers, terrorist groups and Satanist themes. The musical platform for the ideological contents of their work is extremely dissonant and neurotic, drawing from both power electronics and the industrial avant-garde of rock music. It is produced mostly with analogue synthesizers, simple sound processors and primitive guitar multi-effect units. The duo have collaborated with many industrial artists, mainly CON-DOM and STREICHER. Discography: as OPERA FOR INFANTRY Perform Scumworld (Anal Probe 1984) tape as OPERA FOR INFANTRY Kill ‘Em All Let God Sort Them Out (Artaman 1985) tape as IRRITANT Mesmerised (Broken Flag 1985) tape as NAILS OV CHRIST split with UDC Fools Knowledge (Stride Records 1985) tape split with OPERA FOR INFANTRY Defiance Vol. 1 (Strength Recordings 1985) tape as NAILS OV CHRIST Beat Of The Blood (Korm Plastics 1985) CD-R as OPERA FOR INFANTRY 20th Century Genocide (Strength Through Awareness 1985) tape collaboration with CON-DOM Amnestia - Fight The Shite (Artaman 1985) tape No New Jerusalem (Zero Cabal 1986) tape as IRRITANT The Disaster Area (V 1986) tape as BRUTAL LOVE The Dis Ease Of Life (Opus Dei Society 1986) tape as NAILS OV CHRIST split with RAMLEH A Penis Tense Not Penitence (Strength Recordings 19??) tape Nothing Short Of A Total War (Lebensborn 198?) 2 x tape as NAILS OV CHRIST Dark Night Of The Soul (Sound Of Pig ???) tape as NAILS OV CHRIST Anno Domini (Zeal SS ???) 2 x tape split with CON DOM Intolerable (Control Domination 1986) tape as NAILS OV CHRIST Punishment Is Correction (Sound Of Pig ???) tape as BLACKSHIRT ORCHESTRA Ode To The Young Men (Artaman 1986) tape as NAILS OV CHRIST split with CON DOM Vilification (Opus Dei Society 1986) tape as BLACKSHIRT ORCHESTRA Ode To The Young Men (Artaman 1986) tape Passage Of Demons / Incaceration (Strength Recordings ???) tape split with CON DOM / AMK Have Faith (Broken Flag 1987) tape as TACTICAL AID GROUP Decay (Clockwork Tapes ???) tape as TACTICAL AID GROUP split with LOVELACE Dusseldorf Nights (Severe Systems ???) tape Programmed To Kill + No New Jerusalem (The Grey Wolves ???) tape The Atrocity Exhibition (Sol Niger 1988) tape as IRRITANT split with LOVELACE Tomorrow We Live (AWB Recording 1988) tape as IRRITANT split with RAMLEH Tomorrow We Live (Extreme ???) tape collaboration with CON DOM Pig (Order Ov Wolves 1988) tape collaboration with KAPOTTE MUZIEK Death Pact 2 (Death Pact Mailmusic 1988) tape Defiance Vol. 2 (Strength Recordings 1988) tape Strength Anger Defiance! (Lebensborn ???) tape Prelude To Terror (Banned Production 1988) tape White Terror (Strength Through Awareness ???) tape split with VANDAL X Faces Of Death (Strength Through Awareness ???) tape Sufferance Salvation (Strength Through Awareness ???) tape Red Terror Black Terror (Strength Through Awareness 1988) tape Sufferance (The Grey Wolves 1988) tape Defiance Vol. 3 (Strength Recordings 1989) tape Chaos Ov Creation (Cold Spring 1989) tape The Other Face Of Terror (Soundfume Tapes ???) 3 x tape split with 69 Victory Through Violence! / Notschlachtung (Strength Recordings ???) tape Judgement (Hospital Productions ???) CD