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Gross National Product

Artist: Kalahari Surfers

Year: 1983
Country: Germany
Label: 235 Media
Catalog No: 235 Media, 235/ 2
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
A1 Ndincede (Help Me!)  
A2 Messer Im Kopf I  
A3 Tolls Of The Trade  
A4 Suburban Surface  
A5 Putting Back The Cloud  
A6 4 African Countries  
A7 Stroll Through The Country  
A8 Broederbond  
B1 Upon Looking Up At The Statue Of Cecil John Rhodes  
B2 Part Of The Empire  
B3 Another Iron Fridge  
B4 John Medlow  
B5 Singing In The Rain  
B6 Knife In Head II  
B7 Scared Of The Police  
B8 Man On Parade  
B9 The Night Owl  
B10 Gross National Product  
B11 Cut Ups  
  • Featuring – Brian Rath, Hamish Davidson
  • Featuring, Recorded By – Warrick Sony
Comes in silver cardboard box with 2 inserts.