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Ha! Ha! Among The Trumpets

Artist: Various

Year: 1986
Country: United States
Catalog No: Sound Of Pig, SOP 017
Format: Tape
A1 Herself– Pig
A2 The Arms Of Someone New– The Forest Of Trees #2
A3 El Obscuro Interior– Lemuria
A4 Nomuzic– Firmer Words
A5 37 Pink– Regula Fiedei (Excerpt)
A6 Zusammenwaschen*– Zusammenhang Zer Da Au?
B1 John Wiggins– Particle Music (Excerpt)
B2 Dega-Ray– Reflex
B3 La Otra Cara De Un Jardín– Graveway
B4 La Otra Cara De Un Jardín– A While (After)
B5 Psychodrama– Jesus Died For Your Sins
B6 The Horse He's Sick– Tastes Grrr
B7 Blackhouse– The 2 Classes Of People
B8 R.S. Pearson– Bad Season In Cycle
B9 Linea Tactica– Al Final Les Despidieron
B10 Man's Hate– Old Men In Drag
Cassette comes packaged with paper insert with artists' addresses (see in "images"*).
(*) In the contacts sheet (green paper) the address of F. J. M. López was wrong. Francisco López and Francisco Julio Marín López (aka "El Obscuro Interior") are not the same artist.