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Hartshorn Engines

Artist: Arthur Berkhoff

Year: 1983
Country: Belgium
Catalog No: L'Agence Des Refusés, A.D.R. 008
Format: Tape
Spezification: C90
A1 Electronic Ear (Terror) 8:10
A2 Electrocution Computer 1:46
A3 Marks Unknown 6:07
A4 Repeating Generator 1:04
A5 Slow Sulphur Facts 5:56
A6 Hartshorn Horror 3:52
A7 Time-Automation 8:33
A8 Activity Of Time 5:47
A9 Electronic Eye (Terror) 4:22
B1 Recording Time-Electrocution 0:31
B2 Electronic Scents 1:32
B3 Future Under Control 19:13
B4 Spaceship Engine Room 3:13
B5 Frequency Horror 7:21
B6 Looping Magical Monologue 0:48
B7 Looping Television Activity 2:37
B8 Hartshorn Monologue 9:01