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Artist: Lydia Lunch

Year: 1987
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Widowspeak Productions WSP 8 C
Format: Tape
A1 –Teenage Jesus And The Jerks Red Alert (Live)  
A2 –Teenage Jesus And The Jerks Orphans  
A3 –Teenage Jesus And The Jerks The Closet  
A4 –Teenage Jesus And The Jerks Burning Rubber (Live)  
A5 –Teenage Jesus And The Jerks I Woke Up Dreaming  
A6 –Teenage Jesus And The Jerks Freud In Flop (Live)  
A7 –Teenage Jesus And The Jerks Baby Doll (Live)  
A8 –Teenage Jesus And The Jerks Race Mixing (Live)  
A9 –Teenage Jesus And The Jerks Crown Of Thorns (Live)  
A10 –Teenage Jesus And The Jerks Red Alert (Live)  
A11 –Beirut Slump Try Me  
A12 –Beirut Slump Staircase  
A13 –Beirut Slump I Am The Lord Jesus (Live)  
A14 –Beirut Slump Case #14 (Live)  
A15 –Beirut Slump See Pretty  
A16 –Beirut Slump G-I Blue (Live)  
A17 –Beirut Slump Tornado Warnings (Live)  
A18 –Beirut Slump Sidewalk  
B1 –8 Eyed Spy Swamp  
B2 –8 Eyed Spy Run Thru The Jungle  
B3 –8 Eyed Spy Motor Oil Shanty (Live)  
B4 –8 Eyed Spy Love Split With Blood (Live)  
B5 –8 Eyed Spy Ran Away Dark (Live)  
B6 –8 Eyed Spy Diddy Wah Diddy  
B7 –8 Eyed Spy Lazy In Love  
B8 –8 Eyed Spy Dead Me You Beside (Live)  
    Slow Choke
B9 –Lydia Lunch with Rowland S. Howard I Fell In Love With A Ghost  
B10 –Lydia Lunch with Sort Sol As She Weeps  
B11 –Lydia Lunch with Die Haut Der Karibische Western  
B12 –Lydia Lunch with Sonic Youth Death Valley '69  
  • Compiled By, Other [Sleeve Notes] – Lydia Lunch
  • Mastered By – Gary Hobish
  • Photography – Birrer
  • Tape [Reprocessed By], Other [Sleeve Notes] – J.G. Thirlwell
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks:
Tracks A2, A3 & A5 recorded in some shitty dump in Soho 1977.
Tracks A1, A4, A6 to A10 recorded live at C.B.G.B.'s 1978.

Beirut Slump:
Tracks A11, A12, A15 & A18 recorded 8 December 1978 at HotHouse, NYC.
Tracks A13, A14, A16 & A17 recorded live at the MUDD, NYC, 1978.

8 Eyed Spy:
Tracks B1, B2, B6 & B7 recorded at Blank Studios, October 1980.
Tracks B3, B4 & B5 recorded live in New Orleans 25 July 1980.
Track B8 recorded live at TR3.

Slow Choke:
Track B9 recorded London 1982.
Track B10 recorded Copenhagen 1983.
Track B11 recorded London 1982.
Track B12 recorded NYC 1984.

Track B12 is additional to other versions of this release.