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Imperfect Space Journeys

Artist: Jeff Carney

Year: 1988
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Alternate Media Tapes; ALMED133
Format: Tape
A1 Cloud #9 20:35
A2 Voyage Of The Filters 9:35
B1 Safety Hazard 12:45
B2 Toys 5:50
B3 Trip 10:40
Sony UX Type II High Bias C60 cassette. Stereo. The catalog is given as "AT 64". The durations are taken from the inside cover. © 1988 by Audiofile Tapes. Licensed from <a href=>Galactus Tapes</a>.

<small>A1: recorded 2-28-88
A2: recorded 2-29-88
B1: recorded 3-2-88
B2: recorded 3-2-88
B3: recorded 7-10-87</small>

<u>The text on the inside cover is entirely capped and reads as follows</u>:
<small>All the music was recorded live at The Floating Studio, currently located in Lafayette, CA. No overdubs were employed, no tapes were used, and no post-mix was done: hence the sound is exactly what happened on the spot. There are, obviously, implications involved in any unpolished recording, therefore I ask those who listen to this tape for their empathy.
This music is dedicated to all the anti-MIDI musicians who are out there and striving to overcome the great obstacle ($$$). I would also like to dedicate this tape to the obvious influences apparent throughout.
Finally, a special thanks to Shannon Taylor for playing drums on "Trip" and to Marcus Buick for his recording of that session.
Equipment: synthesizers, organ, sequencer, effects.</small>