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Years running:
Country: United States
Label run by John Zewizz of Sleep Chamber. Starting in 1979, the name of this label began as Triple-X (or sometimes XXX Organisation). Sometimes it was also called Innersleeve. The name Inner-X did not solidify as the main name for this label until around 1986. The early cassette releases were numbered "XXX-###" and then sometime during 1984 there seems to have been a new cassette series begun numbered "XXX ###". The old series did not immediately stop; there were still "XXX-###" cassettes released in 1985. Please be aware of this and do not update any of the releases unless you have the release in hand. Also, if submitting a release please write the catalogue number as it is on the release. Some of the cassettes do not feature catalogue numbers. In the tradition of TG/IR, Sleep Chamber attempted to record all of their live concerts and release them on cassette. Twelve of those that didn't make it onto releases in the XXX series were released in more basic packaging and were just given numbers (such as "#5"). These twelve tapes were also released together in the "Best Ov The Rest" boxset.