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Isa's Tears

Artist: Secret Archives Of The Vatica

Year: 1993
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Hyde Recordings HYRC-09
Format: Tape
A1 The Drowning Of Qu Yuan  
A2 Stone Road Of Turpan  
A3 River Of The Golden Sands  
A4 I Saw You Walking Barefoot In The Rain-And You Were Beautiful  
A5 Dreams Of Elder Days  
A6 Saddhu  
A7 From The Thorns Of Enemies I Harvest Grapes  
A8 Snail Traders Of K'Halak  
B1 Have At Thy Coat Old Woman  
B2 Herdsman Of The Grasslands  
B3 Portent Of The Unfurrowed Place  
B4 The Plum Blossom Falls  
B5 White Swans Of Evening  
B6 Hill Of Goats  
B7 My Lover, I Bring You Horses  
B8 Stonewright Of A Thousand Years  
B9 I Bathe My Face In The Nine Rays Of The Sun  
  • Artwork By – Timothy Renner, Vince Millett
  • Music By – Vince Millett
  • Performer – Vince Millett
All music copyright 1993 Vince Millett.