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Jamcon '84

Artist: Negativland

Year: 1986
Country: United States
Catalog No: Cause and Effect
Format: Tape
Spezification: C90
A Jamcon '84 40:32
B The Starting Line 38:35
  • Cover [Angry Face] – Don Joyce
  • Cover [Cover Graphics] – Chris Grigg, Mark Hosler
  • Liner Notes [Director Of Stylistic Premonitions Umn] – Crosley Bendix
"Jamcon '84" edited entirely from a five-hour live radio mix. The broadcast included both live and recorded music, sounds, and effects of all sorts. Many tapes courtesy of the Found Sound Foundation. Spontaneous public access to the mix came via unscreened telephone.

"The Starting Line" concieved and performed by Richard Lyons with Negativland. Edited from a three-hour radio broadcast on Over The Edge, October 1985.

Printed in Canada.

Originally released on compact-disc (Seeland, Seeland 004, 1985).
Re-released on compact-disc (Seeland, Seeland 004 CD, 1994) as "Presents Over The Edge Vol. 1: Jamcon '84".