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Gender: Male
Description: A pseudonym of Jarboe LA SALLE DEVEREAUX, a versatile American poet, vocalist and composer dealing in a number of genres, ranging from folk, through psychedelic music to experimental post-industrial and dark ambient. Artistically active since 1984, a year later she officially joined SWANS, where she stayed until 1998. Apart from regular work with that band, she also pursued a solo career as JARBOE or The LIVING JARBOE, and formed occasional projects, such as SKIN (with Michael GIRA), BLACK- MOUTH (with Brett SMITH and John BERGIN) and BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE LTD (with Lary SEVEN). Her other collaborators include Steven SEVERIN, NEUROSIS, JESU and Justin K. BROADRICK and she is also credited with the soundtrack to the popular computer game The Path. The majority of her lyrics are exhibitionistically concerned with her own traumatic experi- ences (e.g. drug addiction, prostitution), propensities for self-destruction or sadistic infliction of pain. Despite their dark desires, she sees in humans a peculiar beauty, which she aims to render and underline with her excep- tional vocal skills. Selected discography: Walls (Public Domain Records 1984) tape as SKIN (collaboration with Michael GIRA) Blood, Women, Roses (Product Inc. 1987) CD as SKIN (collaboration with Michael GIRA) One Thousand Years (Product Inc. 1987) 12” EP as SKIN (collaboration with Michael GIRA) Shame, Humility, Revenge (Product Inc. 1988) CD as The WORLD OF SKIN (collaboration with Michael GIRA) Ten Songs For Another World (Young God Records 1990) CD