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Johnny Larssen / Martin Howard Naylor

Artist: Johnny Larssen & Martin Howard Naylor

Year: 1984
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Johnny Larssen 02
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
A1 –Martin Howard Naylor Srape 2 4:42
A2 –Martin Howard Naylor The Wailing Wall-A.N.B.A.P. 5:11
A3 –Martin Howard Naylor The Gang Of One 17:16
B1 –Johnny Larssen Negativ 1 4:03
B2 –Johnny Larssen Negativ 2 2:18
B3 –Johnny Larssen Negativ 3 6:30
B4 –Johnny Larssen Negativ 4 2:36
B5 –Johnny Larssen Negativ 5 8:52
B6 –Johnny Larssen Negativ 6 2:44
Released in a stapled white envelope with typewritten stickers on the front and back.

The catalog number does not actually appear on this release.