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John's True Accusation

Artist: John Wright

Year: 1983
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A John's True Accusation  
B Bob's False Confession  
"JOHN'S TRUE ACCUSATION AND BOB'S FALSE CONFESSION consists of two sides of a C-60 audio cassette. Side One, JOHN'S TRUE ACCUSATION, consists of my singing/guitaring/spontaneously writing DYLAN STOLE MY MARTY!!!, the first song I ever wrote, in the late fall of 1982, followed by my narration, describing some of my reasons for so believing, including a very bitter argument with MARTY (1966), in which she springs the TARANTULA trap on me! Side Two consists of a secretly-recorded-by-me PHONE CALL FROM BOB DYLAN (at about Midnight Port Huron, Michigan, time, on March 25, 1983), followed by my further commentary and narration about the phone call itself and other/related matters."

An unknown number of copies were produced by the artist using recycled cassettes from 1983 to the late 1990s.