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Juli '80

Artist: Martin Hoogeboom Peter Kok

Year: 1981
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Stichting Update Materials
Format: Tape
Spezification: S/Sided
A Juli '80  
  • Drums – Paul v.d. Kruis*
  • Music By – Martin Hoogeboom, Peter Kok
  • Recorded By [Opgenomen Door] – Theo Calis
  • Technician [Technische Bijstand] – Frank Linssen
  • Voice [Stem], Other [Anderzins] – Leny Linssen
Recorded from July 5th to (and included) 19h 1980. Drums recorded June 22nd 1980.
Endmix January 10th, 11th and 13th 1981.

Recorded on TEAC 2300 SD, AKAI 4000 D, PHILIPS cassette-deck & recorder, TEAC 3440.
Mixingdeck: TEAC M-3.
Microphones: Pearl, Shurs, Ross + 4 standards.
Headphones: 4x AKG K140, 1x Beyer
Loudspeakers: Unknown brand
Amplifiers: Fender Twin Reverb, Dan Armstrong, Scott, Philips
Tapes: 4x Maxell 3090 B, 1x Maxell 30-180 B
Cassettes: TDK SA C60-C90, Philips
Instruments: Shergold 12 string guitar, Morris 6-string guitar, Fender Piano, Korg Synthesizer, Vibraphone.
Attributes: Screwdriver, alligator clips, plastic things, paper, FM receiver, E-Bow, Dynacord-Echo, various effect pedals, cat.